Nick + Sarah's Backyard Wedding on the Lake - Balsam Lake

This couple stole a little piece of my heart. The details of the day are personal , have meaning to them and to be honest it all felt very intimate, inviting even. I tried to capture a little of that in these photos. Congrats to Nick + Sarah. So happy you found each other.

There are times when you take photos that you know are special. This was one of those photos. This lovely man would pass away this week. Now this photo will be there, to remind them of this day when Grandpa eagerly waited to see his granddaughter walk down the aisle in the rain. I am grateful to have captured this moment.


Amazing day with these two.
Whats a little rain on your wedding day?!

Micheal + Cynthia Wedding - Red Crest Cardinal Golf Course - King City, ON

Micheal + Cynthia were the most organized couple I have ever met (both accountants so it makes total sense). It was amazing. They rocked the planning and I knew would be ready for a killer wedding. I don’t know where you are reading this from, but the weather this year has been erratic to say the least. Their day? Amazing! Have a look at this beautiful Chinese + Greek Macedonian Wedding photos @ Red Crest Cardinal Golf course.

There are so many I could post! Honestly it was such great day with a great couple. Shout out to Red Crest Cardinal Golf club for being great hosts.

Dave + Krista Wedding - Royal Ashburn Ajax, ON

Wedding season has started! And it started off with this super fun couple. Dave + Krista’s special day @ Royal Ashburn Golf Club was a blast. It featured a ring bearer in a remote controlled car and some really sweet people. Have a look at some highlights below.

What a day! All the best to Dave + Krista.
Thanks to Royal Ashburn crew for being great hosts.

Geoff + Lindsey Engagement Shoot - Windsor, ON

One of the reasons I love connecting with my clients, is to get to know them and the vibe of each couple. It is never easy transitioning, but if couples like Geoff + Lindsey are any indication of what this new-to-me area of Windsor+Essex County has to offer, I am so excited. Lindsey had some locations in mind that were places they had memories (like first place they met) and few other spots around town. It was an amazing day.

Just a great time. So excited for their wedding.

Thanks to Dominion House + Sandwich Brewery for hosting us!

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