#prayfornepal - Kathmandu, Nepal

In 2008, I was deeply impacted by a trip to Nepal. The people. The scenery. The need. It was my first trip overseas with a camera and I found there were times I couldn't put it down. There were also times I couldn't pick it up. And that was before this 7.8 magnitude earthquake. 

I know we live in a time where we fundraise to see a video of a Mayor smoking crack,  but there are times when the realities of this world impact us all. Where our money can be better placed and we become a global village.  I went to Nepal with a wonderful organization that has partnered with indigenous peoples to help them become self sustaining and work along side them in Nepal. This organization has feet on the ground and also has very low administrative fees so more of your money goes to the people. 

   My goal for this post was to show some of the beauty of Nepal. Katmandu was a magical place. I can only imagine the devastation that has taken over 3500 lives to this point. Please join me in #prayfornepal and if you feel like you want to help financially and are not sure where to donate, head over to:

www.partnersinternational.ca or www.facebook.com/partnerscanada 

(I am not affiliated with them in anyway. I just know the quality organization they are and have met their team in Nepal when I travelled there)

Average traffic day in the streets of Kathmandu

These images are just a glimpse of this amazing place and people. Praying for Nepal today. 

Here are some updates from Partners International Canada:

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