Brent & Sam's Wedding - Bobcaygeon, ON

When I shot Sam & Brent's engagement shoot, one thing was clear; they have a great time together. Their special day was in Bobcaygeon and for me  it was a new location. I was excited to start shooting and to sing the tragically hip song all day, "it was in Bobcaygeon..."  (couldn't help it)

Sam & Brent got married in a vintage old town. It was called settlers village. It was full of character and great photo spots. 

What happens when hockey guys want to pose for a photo!

#becomingtheboschmans day was a great one. Although it rained, we made the best of it. It was a antique, quaint and beautiful venue. It was a great day and a whole lot of fun. All the best Sam & Brent! 

Brad & Laura's Wedding - Brampton, ON

There is a real formula for wedding pictures where you can't go wrong; great couple, great weather and a fun bridal party! This wedding had all of those! From the wedding morning Starbucks run, to the sweet older lady on the dance floor, this was a great day from start to finish with lots to capture. 

All the best Brad & Laura! Wishing you love & laughter.