Rachel + Mark Engagement Shoot, Bowmanville ON

As a photographer, you are constantly scouting out locations looking for that perfect backdrop.  When we talked about their engagement shoot, Rachel and Mark wanted to include the sunset.  With so much rain recently, it was a joy to have a perfect night and beautiful sunset for their shoot. Rachel and Mark, I had a great time getting to know you both better and am looking forward to capturing your wedding this fall. 

Nathan & Carolyn, The Wedding - Havelock, ON

I have been looking forward to this day for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I was excited to see two great people unite to begin a life long journey together. Capturing these days is a great part of what I do. I get to freeze moments that are one of a kind and hopefully be seen for years to come. 

Wedding Selfie!

This is just a small sampling of a great day. So happy for these two and the families. 

I remember hearing that this day had a 80% chance of rain. I was prepared to be soaked and looking for other options to shoot. However there was a different plan. It didn't rain until 8:00 pm or so. Maybe it was just the weather. Maybe. But sometimes I think love can conquer more than we think.

Beautiful day & beautiful couple.