Corporate Photography

Cars and Castles - Germany

I miss Top Gear (BBC). It was (and still is) my go to show. I throughly enjoyed the ridiculousness of it all. The cars, the challenges and the cars! When Wolfgang asked if I would capture the Cars and Castle tour, I was very, very excited. Yes for the cars. Yes for the castles. But more yes for the Autobahn! At least I thought...

Porsche 918. All sold. Average Price $1.1 Million. 887 HP. Porsche Museum, Stuttgart.

Vintage Lambo

From the Porsche Museum, to BMW World to the Castle in Heidelberg: This tour was a lot to take in. We were able to see and do so many things! Mercedes, BMW and Porsche plant tours. Castles and buildings that were hundreds of years old. Visiting downtown Munich and smaller towns that each have their own uniqueness, history and style. 

Downtown Munich. 

Stunning Building Design

What really fascinated me about Germany was not its rich history or the amazing cars; it was the art and design. The brilliance of a glass building with a look through wall or a staircase in the BMW museum. There was this element that wasn't just about squares and lines, it was about art. 

This way of allowing space for art made me appreciate the design of the car so much more. The line between function and design. Between bonkers and brilliance.  Leaving a legacy and progression. 

One post is not enough to do justice to the tour, but I will post more as I edit. If you love cars, art, Top Gear, history design and food! You should keep an eye out for this tour when it comes up next. You will not be disappointed. 


Lightfall EP Release - Ajax, ON

After shooting some band promo a few months back, Lightfall asked if I would come out to their EP release to capture some film and photos. I always love the opportunity to be creative and see what new venues look like, so I was in.  For this shoot, I was looking for depth and feel through black and white. With low light and LED panels, it was interesting to see what I could come up with. 

Little did I know that this Ep release would do so well! As I write this, Lightfall's EP release is the top selling worship album on iTunes and currently in the top 100 overall! If you want to hear their music, you are welcome to have a look @the iTunes store:

This video was a simple collaboration of clips from the night set to one of the singles from the new EP. Hope you enjoy. 

Good luck and further success Lightfall! 

LightFall Shoot - Pontypool, ON

Concepts. It's how my brain works. 
In the beginning stages of meeting with clients, I always start with a blank canvas and as we talk, and expand on ideas, the picture, the concept begins to take shape. When I met with the guys from Lightfall, I had a vision in my mind of somehow getting literally,"light to fall". From old buildings and bridges, to capturing the sun at just the right time. 

It was just the right mix of timing and weather that worked really well. The guys were awesome and had a great time (which made it easy to shoot!) They have a E.P release party on June 20. For more info, head over to