Toronto Hunt Club

Andre & Shannon Wedding Sneak Peek - Toronto Hunt Club, Scarborough, ON

Autumn weddings are beautiful. The fall colours make it a great time to shoot photos. However, every now and then you get the fall weather which is unpredictable at best. 

I was very excited to capture Andre & Shannon's wedding day. I knew that there would be a lot of unique touches and a lot of love. But the weather was miserable. Any time you have bad weather, it can be a challenge. With the right bridal party and couple, it could be a great opportunity! When the bride and groom are ready for the cold, the wind and the rain; you know it could make some very interesting photos.

It was my first time @ the Toronto Hunt Club and I have to say it was a great venue. Here is a small peek into their day. 

All the best Andre & Shannon! See you soon.