Trash the Dress

Mickey + Steph Trash the Dress - Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

What do you do when the sunset is on the other side of where you need it to be? Wake up at 5:30 AM and shoot the sunrise of course! What good sports Mickey and Steph were to get up with me so early to capture some unique trash the dress photos. I might have broke my toe on a rock while scouting spots just before, was getting almost photo bombed by a whole party of Italians and manage to drop my transmitter in the water... but... so worth it. 

Great time with this couple! 

Trash the Dress ft. Lisa - Leamington, ON

Trash the dress shoots are becoming more popular. Some brides are now buying two dresses to use; one on the day of the wedding and one to trash! Most of the trash the dress shoots I have done, have been just a few weeks after the wedding. The bride and the groom are refreshed and ready to go. However for this shoot, Lisa's wedding was 5 years and a kid ago! 

Autumn is a great time to shoot photos. I wanted to capture the colours and use them to complement Lisa and her dress. As well, let Lisa have fun with it! From the Cowboy Boots to her shawl that has been in the family for years; it was a fun shoot. 

But, what would a trash the dress be without a visit to some beach or water? Even if it was randomly hailing and raining! Lisa was a great sport and as a result, we ended up with some great shots. 

Thanks to Lisa for being awesome and going along with my ideas. 

Stay tuned for more autumn photos from upcoming weddings and other shoots soon. to book your photo session. 


Christine's Trash the Dress - Bowmanville, ON

It is always fun to do a trash the dress shoot. Whether it's jumping in a swimming pool, in to a bunch of paint or simply going places and not worrying about if you get your dress dirty! Either way, trash the dress shoots are unique opportunities to try new things, have fun and get some great photos! When Christine booked her wedding, she wanted a trash the dress and so we planned for it! 

The weather was great, the water was cold, but the couple were awesome!  

All the best Scott & Christine!