Vintage Wedding

Hannah + Calvin Wedding Sneak Peek - London, ON

What a day! This couple might have stole a little of my heart. Great families, great people. It was just a beautiful time getting to be with them on their special day and to help capture images that they will enjoy for a long time. Hannah mentioned to me she loved the more dark look/feel to her photos while keeping them clean and I was super excited to try and keep that theme for their day.
Here is a sneak peek of their very earthy, vintage wedding: 

All the best Calvin and Hannah! See you soon... 

Mark & Hannah's Wedding - Skyloft Resort Uxbridge, ON

Fall weddings are beautiful. They can be hit or miss with the weather, but this day was gorgeous. A perfect day for Mark & Hannah. As well, the location for their wedding was a great one and despite my car breaking down, it was a great day. 

Autumn is a beautiful time for pictures and when you combine great weather with good people, the results are awesome. All the best Mark & Hannah.