artistic wedding

Stan + Amy Wedding Sneak Peek - Toronto, ON

There are times you can't explain why you need to say yes, but you just do. I was so glad I said (and they said) yes to their last minute wedding in downtown Toronto. Stan said he is mr. last minute and maybe he is, but they were so fully present and awesome to grab photos of. See a few samples below from last minute, but beautiful wedding... 

Such a great time... Thanks Amy & Stan! You guys rock. 

Jon + Olivia Wedding Sneak Peek - Newcastle, ON

Such a fun couple! seriously! or not so seriously. :) 
After meeting with Olivia and Jon and hearing their story; I was so excited to be a part of their day. It was a first for me officiate and photograph, but I was happy to help. What a great day and truly an honour to be a part of.
Here are a few samples from a beautiful day...

Congrats Jon + Olivia! Such a fun day. 
Stay tuned for more updates.  
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