Family Photography

the Gorings - Heber Downs Conservation area Whiby, ON

There is barely a place that I go that someone somewhere hasn't heard of one of these two. Sonz1 aka Jeff and wife Charity and their beautiful family are fun, full of life and love. They are dancers, graffiti artists, parents and all around cool people. It was such a blast to shoot with them. Here are a few samples from their family photoshoot:

Super fun day! If you need a graffiti hat or want to see some of Sonz1 work, check his Instragram (@songz1) or

There is still time to book your family photoshoot before the snow arrives :) 

Faul Family Photos - Bowmanville, ON Family Photography

Fall is a great time for family photos. I was excited when Matt mentioned the location he wanted to get some family photos done. I can not express how much I love colour in photos. Graffiti is a great back drop and it is always made better with beautiful people! 

Interested in a family photoshoot? Send an email to book your shoot! Great idea for christmas cards or canvas prints!! 

The Wigmore Family - Bowmanville, ON

Family photos can be awesome. From kids personalities shining through to just the randomness of what happens when you try to get them to look at the camera! Amy contacted me about doing a family photo shoot for their mothers day & fathers day gift to her parents from their children. Great idea. It is great to see generations gather for fun family photos. 

I personally love the combination of candid and posed photography. From random cute painted toenails, to grandpa carrying his little grandson candids are awesome. But the addition of some poses are great and adds the variety that makes the shoot complete. 

Great time shooting this family today. 

The Barry Family - Bowmanville, ON

A while ago I met these lovely people and today I got to do a mini session with them @ the visiting carnival in Bowmanville! 

It is a small carnival, but it is always fun playing some games with the kids and seeing what you can win. And if all else fails, take a ride on the train!

The lights, the games and the fun you can have; makes this a great back drop for some fun family photos. 

I even had a moment to grab a moment between mom & dad! 

I recently posted a promotion on my Facebook page about a great gift for mothers day! You can use the promo or book something unique for a family shoot. Either way, I know, Mom's love pictures of their families. And as a bonus if you book with me, you just may win a fish (see below). 

See Mothers Day promo here: