Sacha - Oshawa, ON

It is great to watch when people go after their passions and do what is in their heart. This shoot was for someone who is doing just that. Sacha contacted me because she needed some updated pictures for her new album and website and I was glad I could help. As it turns out, the day and the location were perfect. 

The ranch provided lot of opportunity for different looks, outfits and lighting. It was the perfect backdrop to showcase Sacha and her look(s). 

You can see her site & check out her music @ 

The Barry Family - Bowmanville, ON

A while ago I met these lovely people and today I got to do a mini session with them @ the visiting carnival in Bowmanville! 

It is a small carnival, but it is always fun playing some games with the kids and seeing what you can win. And if all else fails, take a ride on the train!

The lights, the games and the fun you can have; makes this a great back drop for some fun family photos. 

I even had a moment to grab a moment between mom & dad! 

I recently posted a promotion on my Facebook page about a great gift for mothers day! You can use the promo or book something unique for a family shoot. Either way, I know, Mom's love pictures of their families. And as a bonus if you book with me, you just may win a fish (see below). 

See Mothers Day promo here: