Old Buildings

Old Structures

There are and continue to be times when I just have to pull over from driving, grab my camera and shoot what I see. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't. I think the thing I like about photography, is that it is not only about capturing images, but creating what you see and making it a reality. 

I imagine it is similar to an artist painting what they see in their minds and developing the skill to make your hands do, and your mind create the brush strokes. To use colours and technique to make the canvas become the moment, the idea, the concept and then the reality as you imagined it. 

To me, the camera is becoming my brush. It is helping me create what I see!  

I passed by this cool structure on my way to shoot for a local company. It was one of those times. There was this train house sticking out of the landscape. Abandoned, alone, rugged and standing as a reminder of a different time.