Melina's cover shoot - Bowmanville, On

"Cover shoot? I'm in!" 

That was the conversation last week as Melina messaged me about doing a photo shoot for the Albanian magazine she was going to be on the cover for. She was looking for some creative looks and a photographer that was up for the challenge. 

After a few more messages later, I had an idea of location and started thinking about what I wanted the end result to look like. There is a really cool spot in Bowmanville that I like shooting in. It is this old building that is over 50 years old that has vintage looking walls and windows that you can't find much of anymore outside of the city. 


When we started shooting, Melina told me that a previous photographer she had a shoot with said her smile was difficult to work with. This made me accept the challenge and also wanting to express how sad that it is. As photographers, it is our job to help our clients have images that are true expressions of who they are. To say that to a client means to me means that you missed the moment and I made it my goal to get a great full smile from Melina! 



I am excited to see how the cover and the magazine article turns out! Hopefully I can get a copy! The shoot was a lot of fun and I wish Melina all the best as she continues to grow as a person and worship leader at her church!


Paul & Meighan - One Year Later

It was a year ago yesterday that I was able to capture Paul & Meighan's Special day! It was a very unique wedding and one that fit the couple perfectly. From the music sheet flowers, to the Tim Horton's coffee grinds; it was a very cool wedding to be a part of. 

In her package, Meighan added in a media portion to capture her day and since it is their 1st year anniversary, I thought I would re-post the video for her family and friends to remind them and her of her amazing day!

Congrats Paul & Meighan! Wish you guys all the best. 


Power Basketball - Mississauga, ON

My love affair with basketball has been going on for years. It started with my Jr. High bud having the best court on the block. All the high school kids would beat us up for hours! When you go back to playing Jr. Highs after that, its like a walk in the park!  

I was a little saddened when the Power Basketball team decided to move to Mississauga. I thought there was enough ball fans to make a go of it there. I remember the gyms and runs that used to be out here. It was a growing sport. But if no one is in the seats, the game has to change. 

I am just finishing the intro-video for the new Mississauga Power Basketball season! I was recently at the game where the Power took the win against the London Lightning (last years champs) and in front of the Lightnings 5000+ fans.  If you have never had the chance to check out a game, I would encourage you to check it out. It is great basketball and a great league. 

I took a few pics in-between filming. I will keep you up to date if video is posted anywhere. I am hoping to develop a web series for them! Stay tuned for that.  


Emery Autumn - Oshawa, ON

Life is a funny thing. It has ups and downs, twists and turns. Every now and then though, some incredible things happen.  

October 19 @ 2:33am, I met Emery Autumn Newhook for the first time. My precious daughter came into the world very quickly and not long later was in my arms. Her small but tiny long fingers grasped my finger and wrapped around it. As she looked up, there was this moment, this connection. It was amazing. 

To my amazing wife. Wow. You did so well. I am so proud of you. To Josiah! You rock little guy. You are already a great big brother!

I am a little sleep deprived, but very thrilled about the new addition to our family. Thanks to those who have liked our photos on Facebook, sent a text or messaged us! We appreciate the virtual love! And for all your support we are grateful. Thanks to our family who is helping us transition from a 3 person 1 dog, to a 4 person one dog family!

Now to find time to grab some zzzzzzz's! 


Laura & Brad - Brampton, Ontario

It was an awesome day for an engagement shoot! Who would figure it would be 20 degrees and beautiful in the middle of October. Laura & Brad were a really fun couple that did not mind adventuring a little for some great photos!  "Fall colours" was something that they wanted and it was very cool to go a little north and see what we could find. 

From rusted cars, to farmer's fields, it was a very fun time! All the best you too!!