Power Basketball - Mississauga, ON

My love affair with basketball has been going on for years. It started with my Jr. High bud having the best court on the block. All the high school kids would beat us up for hours! When you go back to playing Jr. Highs after that, its like a walk in the park!  

I was a little saddened when the Power Basketball team decided to move to Mississauga. I thought there was enough ball fans to make a go of it there. I remember the gyms and runs that used to be out here. It was a growing sport. But if no one is in the seats, the game has to change. 

I am just finishing the intro-video for the new Mississauga Power Basketball season! I was recently at the game where the Power took the win against the London Lightning (last years champs) and in front of the Lightnings 5000+ fans.  If you have never had the chance to check out a game, I would encourage you to check it out. It is great basketball and a great league. 

I took a few pics in-between filming. I will keep you up to date if video is posted anywhere. I am hoping to develop a web series for them! Stay tuned for that.