Musician Photography

Sacha - Oshawa, ON

It is great to watch when people go after their passions and do what is in their heart. This shoot was for someone who is doing just that. Sacha contacted me because she needed some updated pictures for her new album and website and I was glad I could help. As it turns out, the day and the location were perfect. 

The ranch provided lot of opportunity for different looks, outfits and lighting. It was the perfect backdrop to showcase Sacha and her look(s). 

You can see her site & check out her music @ 

Melina's cover shoot - Bowmanville, On

"Cover shoot? I'm in!" 

That was the conversation last week as Melina messaged me about doing a photo shoot for the Albanian magazine she was going to be on the cover for. She was looking for some creative looks and a photographer that was up for the challenge. 

After a few more messages later, I had an idea of location and started thinking about what I wanted the end result to look like. There is a really cool spot in Bowmanville that I like shooting in. It is this old building that is over 50 years old that has vintage looking walls and windows that you can't find much of anymore outside of the city. 


When we started shooting, Melina told me that a previous photographer she had a shoot with said her smile was difficult to work with. This made me accept the challenge and also wanting to express how sad that it is. As photographers, it is our job to help our clients have images that are true expressions of who they are. To say that to a client means to me means that you missed the moment and I made it my goal to get a great full smile from Melina! 



I am excited to see how the cover and the magazine article turns out! Hopefully I can get a copy! The shoot was a lot of fun and I wish Melina all the best as she continues to grow as a person and worship leader at her church!